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Qinhuangdao Haiyue ship supply company limited in 2011 June set up,My company is located in Haigang district in Qinhuangdao city and the Shanhaiguan district between(No.43 Haigang district),The geographical position is superior,Apart from the Qinhuangdao train station 6 kilometers,Coal harbor 3 kilometers away from Qinhuangdao,From Shanhaiguan International Airport 500 meters,10 kilometers away from Shanhaiguan shipyard,Sea and air transportation is very convenient,Is a newly established, young and promising, forge ahead in unity, pioneering and enterprising new groups,The main products include:For domestic and foreign ships with fuel, lubricating oil supply, for domestic and foreign ships to provide supplies, marine life products, fresh water supply, ship repair, ship ballast water collecting sea service.

"Everywhere to provide customers with warm and honest quality service,Everyone will be treated as obligatory glorious mission of environmental protection"It is company policy,"Meet customer demand,Meet the environmental requirements"Is the company¡¯s goals.The company is fully aware of the importance of management,The establishment of quality and environment management system based on,Is the establishment of financial quality, environment, safety and risk management is an integrated management system.With the continuous development and expansion of the company,We have full confidence in the prospect of,As companies struggle,Do a good job.Expand market share,Improve the market share of Qinhuangdao,To this end we will be as in the past,Make unremitting efforts,Insist"Honesty,Service first"For the purpose of,For the majority of customers to provide quality and thoughtful, convenient and comprehensive services.

The enterprise is not the kindergarten, is not social groups, not welfare, not arena.The enterprise is to create value, to create profits, create wealth.Is the work of the" temple".Each employee in Enterprises£¬Like to enter the" Temple" devotion to work.To concentrate, devote oneself heart and soul to, devote.


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